The Centre of Expertise in Data and Smart Energy Systems is a FLEXISApp partnership project with Cardiff University and artificial intelligence (AI) software company, Maiple. By bringing academia and industry together, the project will develop world-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that power smart energy solutions for global application.

A corner stone of these solutions will be the ability to harness the vast amounts of data that in some cases already exists and combine these data sets with new data that is generated by the collaborators within FLEXIS. Maiple will provide rapid prototyping, development and testing of commercial solutions that accelerate successful outcomes. A large amount of this activity will take place at Swansea University’s AI Doctoral Training Centre.

What does the project hope to achieve?

The project hopes to improve the affordability of clean energy by creating new technology to provide multisector energy forecasting solutions. This technology will help with industrial decarbonisation and make a sustainable difference within the local environment, throughout Wales, the UK and the world.

A big focus for FLEXISApp is to increase employment opportunities and attract top talent to West Wales and the Valleys. This project will soon be recruiting data scientist and AI/Machine learning engineers to help shape this rapidly growing sector.

As a result of product and IP delivered through this project, significant follow on investment from partners and leading technology companies in the area of AI and machine learning, including Amazon, Nvidia and Mathworks is expected.

This project is led by Principal Investigator Hywel Thomas and Maiple’s Founder and CEO, Francis Griffiths.

By 2023, this project will:

  • Create IP related to smart energy building management algorithms
  • Launched several cutting edge new to market products for smart energy management
  • Create and launch a smart energy product targeted at adjacent industries such as manufacturing, process and utilities

If you would like to find out more or be involved with this project, please do let us know.

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