The aim is to, reduce waste, increase recycling and cut carbon emissions from foundation industries.

Manufacturing new products from recycled raw material extracted from waste results in lower carbon emissions from the process when compared to using virgin raw materials. The earth has finite resources which means in order to continue to produce new products our manufacturing industries need to embrace the circular economy.

What does the project hope to achieve?

The project will strive to set up and operate a state-of-the-art material separation and sorting plant (i.e. an industrial-scale pilot plant) designed to process end-of-life components.  The vision is to develop a technically and commercially viable source of raw material from domestically arising end-of-life components (i.e. waste), and for this reclaimed material to re-enter the UK Steel Industry and other UK Foundation Industries.  Simultaneously, reducing the export of raw material, in particular ferrous metal, eliminating waste destined for landfill and downcycling.

The project team is seeking investment and partnerships that will enable the pilot plant to be located in South Wales plus this facility is intended to be a centre of expertise in the field of material recovery and the circular economy.  The pilot plant is a UK facility intended for use by UK small, medium and large enterprises, research & technology organisations and academic institutions.

Once funding or investment is confirmed the design, build and commissioning phase of the pilot plant will provide opportunities for a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience.  Once operational, the pilot plant will require a leadership team and workforce with appropriate skills and experience or potential.  During both phases, there will be opportunities for both experienced individuals and trainees from diverse backgrounds.

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