Mobile Energy Storage as Heat (MESH) is an 24 month, FLEXISApp funded project that will investigate and optimise the capture, storage and release of heat from industrial waste air streams using thermochemical storage (TCS) materials.

Originally developed for capture of solar energy as part of the INTRESTS (IUK 101223) and SPECIFIC project, FLEXISApp will subsequently use the acquired data to model the viability of the reuse of the captured heat from a technological, environmental and economic viewpoint.

What does MESH hope to achieve?

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Through working in partnership with Tata Steel UK, the ultimate aim is to be able to transport this previously wasted energy and release it in a controlled way to provide low carbon or zero carbon process heat or space heating in either industrial buildings or domestic abodes.

This project is being led by Principal Investigator David Worsley, Dr Jonathon Elvins (SPECIFIC IKC), Mr Paul Jones (Swansea University) and industrial expert Dr Laura Baker from Tata Steel UK.

By spring 2022, this project will have:
• Quantified the available waste heat energy from Tata Steel in Port Talbot
• Developed and tested process optimised SIM materials
• Assessed the environmental impact that this approach may have in South Wales

“This project will provide a new, ultra-low or zero carbon route for heating homes. It will maximise the viability of the Welsh steel industry and support a substantial part of Wales’ decarbonisation targets.

By working in partnership with the Welsh steel industry, we will minimise the industrial heat that is released into the atmosphere, reducing CO2 emissions, whilst identifying the potential deployment of year-round heating without the use of fossil fuels.” 

Professor David Worsley

If you would like to find out more or be involved with this project, please do let us know.

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